Kiwimagic Ragdolls

A small exclusive cattery devoted to the Ragdoll,

where our babies are raised within a family atmosphere, with every luxury accommodated and deserved.

not just any Cat Breeder

our story

We are situated in One Tree Hill, Auckland, New Zealand within a beautiful garden setting, our aim is to breed top quality progeny with a strong emphasis on temperament, size, type, health and purrsonality.

I founded Kiwimagic in 1994 importing the first Ragdolls into New Zealand from the UK, but I have adopted and loved cats since I was a child.

Ragdolls hold a very special place in my heart, due firstly for their gentle nature and irresistible personality, but also for their stunning good looks.

There is no question that these special cats are special to us and all who meet them. We are very proud in what we have achieved over the years we have been breeding, producing New Zealands first New Zealand bred Platinum Gold Double Grand Champion and World One Tree Hill

Margaret Downes

Stunning quality kittens available to an approved home.

If you would like to reserve one of our special babies , please do not hesitiate to contact Kiwimagic Lovable Ragdolls for the opportunity of a life time of love, from these little darlings.

KIWIMAGIC RAGDOLLS strives to breed the most beautiful cats with extraordinary loving natures.


For all your Pet Transportation needs. MAF approved, pampered transport with care from NZ, to almost anywhere in the world. With no stress.

Painting by Kiara du Toit