Kiwimagic Ragdolls

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Why choose a Kiwimagic Ragdoll ?

We breed for love and are rewarded with the sweetest natured kittens.

How long have we been breeding ?

We are NZ’s first dedicated Ragdoll breeder, established over 20 years ago.

Why buy from a small breeder ?

Kittens are well socialised and make the best pets.

Do Ragdolls shed alot ?

No, they are an easy to care for breed.

How often do Ragdolls need brushing ?

They are a low maintenance breed, that need brushing once a week.

Are Kiwimagic kittens good with children ?

Yes, they are lovely well adjusted babies, who have been around children all of their lives.

Where does this breed originate from ?

The United States Of America.

Are Ragdolls good hunters ?

No, sorry they are not great hunters and prefer their food served on a platter, with no feathers!

Are Ragdolls a good indoor pet ?

Yes, they were developed as an indoor pet and can be found in many apartments around the world.

Do Ragdolls have known diseases ?

Like most large breed cats, they can develop HCM and PKD.

Does Kiwimagic Ragdolls test their cats for genetic diseases ?

Yes, we test all our breeding cats and only breed from negative clear cats.

Do Ragdolls wander, if they are permitted to go outdoors ?

No, they prefer to be at home.