​Ragdoll Kittens & Ragdoll Breeders NZ


Kiwimagic Ragdolls the original Ragdoll breeder in NZ breeding award winning champion, Ragdolls since 1995.


Breeders of New Zealands first New Zealand bred Platinum Double Grand Champion and World Champion Ragdolls.


KIWIMAGIC RAGDOLLS strives to breed the most beautiful cats with extraordinary loving natures.


Kiwimagic Ragdolls can be traced back to the original ragdolls with 100% traditional lines.


NZCF Registered Breeders since 1995.


Kiwimagic Ragdolls are truly amazing and irresistibly

special cats, offering everything you could ever possibly want and more in one perfect breed.

Kiwimagic Ragdolls are not only totally stunning, but have the deepest most beautiful blue eyes. Our Ragdolls are also remarkably trusting, loving and loyal.


They are a naturally sweet and laid back cat, but at Kiwimagic Ragdolls we spend a great deal of time handling and loving our babies from birth, that they are well socialised and able to adapt quickly to their new family environment interacting well with other pets, children and all family members.


Kiwimagic Ragdolls just love to show affection, always purring, cuddling and cherishing the time that they spend with their families. They just adore to be held and cuddled like a baby.