Deborah Aquino - Hawaii

I got my 2 Ragdoll kittens from Kiwimagic Ragdolls almost 3 years ago. Shipped to Hawaii big island, I absolutely love these girls. Theyare absolutely amazing & Margaret is the heart beat of not only her cattery but the breed Ragdolls. I enjoy following her updates on my Ipad. Hug Me & Kiss Me have entered our lives after retirement so get a bit of attention. Margaret took care of all the vet appointments, shipping arrangements & paperwork. All we provided was love. Mahalo & thank you to an amazing family in New Zealand.


Milly Slater - 5 star..We are the very lucky owners of a beautiful Kiwimagic Ragdolls girl cat called Missy. Missy is the most adorably natured and beautiful little kitten. She is so loveable and playful and has such a congenial and affectionate personality. And of course she is so pretty too! We are very, very happy to have found Margaret Downes of Kiwimagic Ragdolls, in Auckland. Margaret told us that her kittens are hand-reared and because of this they are very affectionate and snuggly with humans which is just how our kitten is. Missy is growing into the most perfect little grown up girl cat. Thanks Margaret and thank you Kiwimagic Ragdolls. We couldn't be happier with our little Missy girl. x


Kezna Cameron

I have two beautiful Ragdolls from Kiwimagic. Both of them arrived confident little kittens ready to be loved... My Kiwimagic Ragdoll was everything I imagined a Ragdoll to be... Winning a best temperament award at his very first show!


Dahlia Ghais –5 star ..Margaret is so easy and friendly and fun to deal with... Unbelievably approachable and understanding. Moreover, her kittens are some of the most beautiful we've ever seen! We looked all around the world for the perfect kitten and no one captured our hearts like Yves. We can't wait to bring him home to Abu Dhabi.


Kim Mose – 5 star ..I am so happy and totally in love with my Kiwimagic Mark of a Princess, She is a beautiful girl who loves smoochy cuddles and follows me around like a shadow. She is honestly a credit to Margaret and her wonderful breeding. So very highly recommended and I'm so glad I chose one of Kiwimagic's babies! Thank you for a bundle of love :) ♥

Margaret Downes


Pat Fisk -5 star Marley has been with us for nearly three months. We can't imagine life without him. Amazing character, such fun and love him to bits. All thanks to the best breeder there is. Thanks so much Margaret


Jane Tye – 5 star..Couldn't agree more. Amazing breeding and rearing of these beautiful cats. Our Zac has brought us so much joy. Never had a cat like him and i have loved all of the

Margaret Downes


Pip Faulknor – 5 star..Over the past 16 years I have purchased 3 ragdoll kittens from Kiwimagic and would never go anywhere else for one! Not only are they beautiful cats; they are so well socialised and trained; affectionate and loving with the best personalities. They bring so much joy and although sadly the eldest had passed away, they have been the best thing to happen to me. I can't recommend Kiwimagic enough!

Margaret Downes


Callum Barr – 5 star..We are so happy with our big boy Marley, amazing with the kids and so laid back, thanks Margaret, you did an amazing job, look forward to picking up his sister around Christmas time! Thanks, Meredith & Callum


Ivy Diao – 5 star..Hi Margaret, I've got a boy and a girl from you a year ago and they've grown so much these days! Just we noticed our boy Echo now seems very curious about outside and tries to go out every time we open the door. We've been keeping them inside all the time but now I'm wondering if it's the right thing to do? As Echo wants to go out so much! Need your advice! Cheers~

Margaret Downes


Paula Vernon – 5 star..Our Kiwimagic kitten is everything we hoped for and more - confident, brave, beautiful, friendly and a real delight to be with. He has fitted in so well already in such a short space of time in our busy home of 3 kids and a dog. Margaret of Kiwimagic Ragdolls has obviously done a great job in producing such a confident kitten - thank you Margaret.

Margaret Downes


Jaime Slater – 5 star..Margaret, I can't thank you enough. Your cats are truly amazing and you are the best breeder I could ever have asked for :))))))